homosassa scalloping

Posted on July 6th, 2015 by jdozier

dick scalloping (Copy)

Homosassa scalloping season is in full effect.

 Lots of 10 gallons limits per boat are being brought in.
This year we will be running Scallop trips out of my 24′ carolina skiff or my  22′ bonefish bay boat.

We will be heading out to catch our limit of scallops just outside of the Homosassa/ Halls river basin.

Which in my opinion is the best place to go to catch scallops, because of the crystal clear shallow flats that make finding the scallop an easy task for even young swimmers and seasoned scallopers alike.  I provide all the gear and spots necessary to have a successful day on the water. My boats can accommodate up to six people.

Once we get our ten gallon limit we head in to drop them off to get cleaned by some local scallop cleaning experts. (additional 40 dollars)

We then make our way up the beautiful halls river to wash off in the gin clear freshwater springs to cool off, while we wait for your scallops to be finished cleaning.

The usual trip last about 4 to 5 hours depending on how long it takes your group to catch its limits of scallops.

What you would need to bring.

Whatever food and beverages you would like to drink for the day.

Beer is allowed.


A hat

and a great attitude and a willingness to learn how to catch scallops.

The captain will provide everything else for you to have an enjoyable day on the water.  including all gear and fishing licenses.

If you are considering booking a scalloping charter please give me a call so that I can get your Homosassa scallop charter booked before time runs out.  Scallop season is open until June 27th to September 24th.   Call for questions about rates or multi boat trips.

See ya on the water!

Call Captain Jason Dozier Now to book your 2015 Homosassa scalloping adventure.  (813) 956-5357

Tampa Bay Snook

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Tampa bay Snook fishing 6-10-15

This time of year around Tampa bay the snook are spawning and feeding heavily. It’s not uncommon to catch over a dozen snook this size on a good day of fishing. and this past weekend we did just that! plus we caught a bunch of Blacktip sharks and 5 pound mackeral.

Snook caught with Captain Jason Dozier

Yellowfin Boats Florida Skiff Challenge

Posted on June 11th, 2015 by jdozier

A crew from Yellowfin Yachts took a 17-foot flats skiff from Pensacola to Miami in March, all in the name of adventure.

Source: Yellowfin Boats Florida Skiff Challenge

6-5-15 Tampa Bay Tarpon

Posted on June 11th, 2015 by jdozier

Tampa bay Tarpon fishing is going off right now.

We finally had a reprive from the howling east winds and Storms that have been covering Tampa bay every afternoon for hours at a time.
We were finally able to get out dip some crabs and Catch some nice tarpon! Our best success has been to use calico or blue crabs free-lined or under a cork presented to the schools of feeding tarpon.Most of the Tarpon are in the one hundred pound class, but we have caught some Tarpon as small as 60 pounds and upwards of 200 pounds. These fish are feeding best on the hill tides that occur on the full and new moons of May June and July. But can be easily caught as long as the tide is moving and the right bait is presented.

Tarpon are truly the Silver King! Tampa bay will be loaded with Tarpon until July!

I still have openings for Tarpon if your’e looking to book a trip please call me (813)956-5357 The Tarpon in Tampa.
See ya on the water!
-Capt. Jason-

Fishnfl.com Sunset from Capt. Jason Boat

Tampa bay sunset with Captain Jason dozier

Branden from powerpole with a tampa bay Tarpomn

5-30-14 Tampa Bay fishing report

Posted on June 24th, 2014 by jdozier

This week produced some nice fish.
I fished a few different areas on my charters including Gandy area, weedon, and fort desoto.
We caught Redfish Snook and trout all on Live greenbacks.
The bite is really starting to go off in the Tampa bay Area.
Also a good amount of Tarpon are making the push to the areas bridges and beaches.





May 8th New Port Richey Fishing report

Posted on June 24th, 2014 by jdozier

Today I fished the PHSC tournament and it seems like the last few years the bait has been super tough in this area.
So I came prepared. I had a full array of soft plastics hard plastics and a gallon of berkely Gulps for my clients to ensure we have a great fishing charter.
After trying to get greenbacks at first light I had about 4 greenbacks and 30 pin fish in my livewell.
Thankfully Capt Rick Seward Jr. had ran a little further north than me and ended up blacking out his livewell gave me a few scoops to help me out.Thanks Capt. Rick!
We ended up catching several nice redfish and a few snook. And even breaking off a few nice snook right at the boat.
My anglers were a lot of fun I hope to fish with them next year.

Houndfish caught with Capt. Jason Dozier of Chasing Tails charters in Tampa,Fl.

Snook caught with Capt. Jason Dozier of Chasing Tails Charters

Trout caught with Capt. Jason Dozier during the 2014 PHSC fishing tournament

A snook caught with Capt. Jason Dozier during the PHSC tournament in 2014A nice redfish caught with Capt. Jason Dozier of chasing tails charters

Bull redfish caught during the 2014 PHSC fishing tournament

4-26-14 tampa bay fishing report

Posted on April 27th, 2014 by jdozier

Yesterday we had one of the best bites of the year.
WE where fishing inside Tampa Bay and we caught so many snook redfish trout that is was ridiculous.

great example of tampa bays fishing! Double hookup!

Captain of Chasing Tails Charters.

Capt. Jason Dozier Catching some redfish

Perfect tampa tournament redfish

Capt. Jason with a nice Tampa bay Redfish

Captain of Chasing Tails Charters.

Capt. Jason Dozier Catching some redfish

Perfect tampa tournament redfish

Capt. Jason with a nice Tampa bay Redfish




Capt. Jason of Chasing Tails Charters Catching snook on his day off

Tampa bay redfish with Capt Jason Dozier

Tampa bay Snook  with chasing tails charters

Branden with a keeper snook with Capt. Jason Dozier

Bringing a tampa bay redfish to the boat


Anna Maria Island tampa bay fishing report 4.3.14

Posted on April 3rd, 2014 by jdozier

Today I had a father and son on board who were anxious to put a bend in their rods. So with a full live well of greenbacks that is exactly what set out to do.
The first spot was extremely productive. We caught a nice trout on the first cast and continued to reel in numerous trout, mackeral, bluefish, jacks and even a nice bonnehead shark. After putting a serious lip piercing clinic on my clients and I decided that it was time to really try to top the day off with maybe some snook and reds.
On to the next spot…..

Throw some chummers, BOOM! snooke all everywhere and feeding. I mean really feeding like freejumping. I quickly put some bait on the hooks and we caught some really nice snook. trolling down some I see a big push and power-pole down ahead of it. Like clock work the push moves just past the boat and Jack is hooked into a solid redfish. This thing was a slob! Overslot for sure..
With that last redfish it was time to go and grab some lunch and round out the trip.. Man I love fishing in the spring.

 photo b6f83f13-de50-46b2-96e7-c1055ac99f99_zpsd73b912a.jpg

 photo 969afa2f-f08f-4d97-9872-23310de1355e_zps281bab1a.jpg
 photo 8cae7007-4ba8-474f-ab0a-fd3b4fce8d0a_zpsd0c1a49c.jpg

See ya on the water!!
Capt. Jason

Great white shark spotted off anna maria island!

Posted on March 24th, 2014 by jdozier

Here is the link to read about the great white shark that was spotted at the mile buoy..
Never know what you’re gonna see?


Tampa Fishing report 3-23-2014

Posted on March 23rd, 2014 by jdozier

Fishing on Tampa bay out of the Gandy and weedon island area has been going off as the southwest winds begin to fight off the cold fronts. The water has begun to warm and spring is in the air. The Inshore fishing in Tampa has been going off the hook this week. we have caught Plenty of overslot redfish and slot fish, along with multiple large snook approaching 40″ These big snook have anxiously went into a frenzy over the fresh greenbacks I have been offering to them. The best thing about spring in Tampa Bay, and what I really enjoy catching are the Gator trout! Tampa and the Gandy area have been producing trout to 30″ It’s really exciting to see such a large population of trout invade the inshore trouts near weedon island and gandy. Looking forward to this week with a warming trend and plenty of customers to put on a fish of a lifetime.
If you’re looking to book a charter on beautiful Tampa Bay give me a call: (813) 956-5357
Capt. Jason Dozier


Huge Tampa SnookTampa Bay gator troutpig troutcapt. Jason dozier with a huge tampa bay trout.gator trout inshore tampa bayFishing charters, Tampa, Inshore fishing charters